Wednesday, February 16, 2005

What is Love?

Love, a word used often, and often used incorrectly. I've always wondered what it really is. Some say it's being lost in a paradise of enlightenment, not caring about the physical world or anything around. To me, that's fine, but how long does the mirage of a paradise last for?

Love, do you put into it? Or do you get out of it? Seen people putting their index finger into a gals heart, give it a little yank, hoping to fish something out of it for their enjoyment. Seen some others giving their heart, soul and mind because of... Love.

Love, does it last forever? Most say they'll love forever. Seldom does it happen. 3 months? 4 perhaps? You had your fun, i've had mine. But what they fail to see, is the mark of a giant dent in the soft delicate heart.

Love, the one and only reason i live. Sacrificial love, i believe, will last forever. It is the reason why i exist. Nothing else overides Sacrificial Love. It can stirr hearts and shift mountains. But most of all, it kept Christ on the cross.

Thank you Lord, for your Sacrificial Love.

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