Wednesday, April 06, 2005


I've never been able to comprehend its complexity.

Who believes in that?

Complete Selflessness?
Have you ever experienced that?

When all was lost, and i had got nothing...

One thing i prayed for, only one thing i needed...


As you all know, the new F-50 ball, that costed me $30 threw me into a huge debt, got 'cut' yesterday. I'm going to try to get it exchanged, except that it says "No refunds or exchanges" on the receipt. Sigh.. i've gotta start saving up for another ball.

I prayed to God.

I asked him to provide for me. I gave him all i had, and all i am a long time ago in faith. And in the same faith i asked him to provide for me.

That night, i was chatting to some friends on MSN when my dad walked into my room and started playing the guitar. I had a chat with him, and he gave me $40 dollars to get a new ball. I was like "What's this for, dad? I didn't do anything."

He replied, "It's called Grace."

Only now do i realise the real meaning of this quote:
"Only by Grace can we enter. Only by Grace can we stand."

I know God has shown me his Love and Grace through my dad.
This Grace will definately be passed on through me..

Thank You, Lord!

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