Saturday, April 02, 2005

Fungus Are the Champs!

I don't believe that we defied all the odds, astounded every spectator and silenced every critic by winning the highly-regarded indoor soccer match between Fungus Youth Group and the Young Adults. lolz.. The Young Adults had experienced men in their 20s, while Fungus only had miniature high-schoolers.

Haha, it's all thanks to God that we could win. I really enjoyed the entire game. It was played in 3 periods, with 20 minutes in each period - making a 60 minute game. haha.. Nick and i were put in defence, and we played for most of the game. I was surprised that Nick could defend so well despite his size! haha! Well done mate! He was drenched with his own sweat by the time the second period was over. I dare say that our defence was rock-solid, crushing anything that tested out toughness. lolz..

John scored two goals, Aaron and another asian dude scored the other two. haha, they were pretty good goals that came later in the game when the opposition were starting to get tired. I was busy making slide tackles in defence, and two parts of my knee was burnt by the artificial grass. Whoa, it really canes!

I reckon i should have scored a goal. There was an extremely controversal decision in the game. Before that, there had been talks about the referee being a little biased but i chose not to believe it. The score was 2-0 in the second period, and we were awarded a free-kick at the halfway line. I took it and made an awesome through ball to Aaron, however, he was fouled inside the penalty box. We were awarded a penalty 7 metres from goal. For my hard work in defence, i was given the opportunity. But i was feeling half-hearted because i have had many bad experiences with penalties.

I took a deep breath, the players cleared out the path for me to take a run up. I took a few small steps, accelerated and took a powerful and accurate shot into the bottom left hand corner, giving the keeper no choice. The keeper was stunned, and everyone was in applause. However, the dodgy referee disallowed the goal because he said that i took it before he blew the whistle. -.-" In a real game, the penalty-kick would be re-taken. In this case, it was just forfeited. wtc... i don't believe it. It was quite some time since the referee blew the whistle for a penalty-kick, and i took some time to get ready for the shot. I reckon the ref's biased. Sigh...anyways, we won.

There were about 18 high-schoolers that came, and everyone was given a chance to play (Mass Participation). I was amazed that my sister could last the whole 60 minutes! The rules stated that each team could have one extra female player, and Jerusha was supposed to be our secret weapon. lolz... Some group photo's were taken, and Fungus was given a huge trophy. haha...well played Fungus! We couldn't have done it without every single person's help! haha!

I just came back from Uncle Amos' farewell party. We had a splendid barbeque dinner, Uncle Amos' gave his trademark "Chinese Character Sermon", and we went home. I'm extremely tired after today's intense soccer game. Thank God we won!

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