Thursday, April 14, 2005

1 more 2 go!

Phew....what a day! This advanced reading course is really sucking the life outta me, taking up most the of my holidays. haha! Fortuntately, my mood was given a much needed boost today. I woke up at 6.30am today to catch the Liverpool vs Juventus match. lolz...i was frowning throughout the whole game. The atmosphere was extremely tense, a goal by either team would be enough to send them into the semi-finals. It was nail-biting, haha, literally. Fortunately, Liverpool managed to survive countless attempts on goal by a skilfull Juvetus side. haha, one down, two to go!

At 10am, i met up with Marcus and his cell group for a game of indoor soccer. I never knew there was such a indoor soccer complex in Knox, and it took me some time to get there. I was kindda astonished when marcus told me that we were having a 3-on-3 game. lol! A normal indoor soccer game would have 5 players a side. Still, we had an Excellent time there, well, at least i did. Marcus and i paired up against the rest in a 2-on-4 match, and we won! haha! We were COMPLETELY snuffed out after that, i couldn't even walk straight. lolz! I had an awesome time, well worth the 10 bucks. Oh yea, thanks for inviting me Marc!

Hmm...Guess my reading speed now. You'll be shocked when you hear it. It's 825 words/min. I mean...i can only read that fast when i'm forced to by the machines. Subsequently, my reading rate without the machine, is 495 words / min. This reading course really rox! It's shockingly effective. However, it really requires a lot of perserverance, time and hard work. =)

Oh yes, please tag me if you're reading this. If you don't know what to say, just post your current reading speed. lol! I composed this poem today. It's about how grudges can make a person really bitter. Sigh...if only a grudge can be put off easily. Can it?


The shades of memory,
Of bitterness and shame.
A heart of hatred,
Caused by needless blame.

Anger builds up,
From the very start.
Gripping and wrenching,
Forming a tenacious heart.

Spouts of rivalry,
From his mouth leaks.
For out of his heart's overflow,
His daringly speaks.

*For the hated. To the hater.
God & Isaac

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