Tuesday, April 05, 2005

A Cut to my Heart...

I don't believe it.

A cut to my precious soccer ball.

A cut to my dear heart.

Argh... my sister was too tired to have a kick with me, so i went training on my own. Took some shots at the cricket nets. They were pretty hard shots. After 40 shots or so, i noticed something wrong about the shape of the ball. I bent down and picked it up. Rotated it with both of my hands. I was astonished, and grieved when i found a deep cut through the skin of the ball about 3 cm across. I was like...-.-"

Sigh...i don't believe this is happening to me. The ball's just 2 weeks old and this happens. I'm gonna try to get a replacement from the sports shop. The only problem is that, a friend of mine has the receipt! argh!

Nevermind...i'll put my faith in God.

Spent 2 hours reading a chapter of my Pschology textbook. haha, i know...i'm a nerd. I found out that some characteristics of temperment are inherited, and determined at birth. haha, it means that some people are more aggressive and destructive by nature. Hmm... something to ponder about.

Had a LONG chat with Blee and her EF (LOL!) Yvonne in the afternoon. Then, i did weeding(YES WEEDING!) for an hour. My mum and i came to a deal - she would erase my debt of 10 dollars if i helped to get rid of ALL the weeds in our front lawn. haha! It was the worst deal i've ever made. Weeding is really much harder than it seems...you've gotta used tons of strength to dig up the roots of just ONE weed out of many hundreds.

*the waves of troubles never cease...

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