Sunday, April 17, 2005

Wierd Dream, Meaningful?

*All i could remember was that i had left by bag on one of the benches. It contained 70 dollars, and i was in a huge debt of some sort. I was extremely worried. I was running speedily the next morning, a great desire pushing me on. I came to the train station, no one around that early in the morn. I was sprinting really quickly, i took a glance to my right. Seeing that no official was present, i pressed my hand down on both sides of the validation booth and took a huge leap across the barrier. Just then, somemone yelled out in a deep voice "Stop!"

I got caught red-handed, weighed down with a heavy fine. I was intensely perplexed because of my financial situation. I started to comb through the station, looking for my bag. Just then, i found it lying on the ground. My worst fears were brought to reality. It had been opened, with its contents scattered all around. I spent hours into the night rumaging the station floor for items that had some worth. I felt like i was in the deepest and most deperate point of my life. Though it was not reality, my heart was heavy-laiden and my soul was perturbed.*

Just then, i woke up. And almost in an instant, my breathing was at ease and i felt peace. Hmm...that's a pretty good feeling to obtain from a horrid dream, don't ya think? lolz! What a nightmare...i mean, it wasn't scary or anything...but it was...a bad dream. haha! That's kindda true though...i'm currently experiencing financial troubles. I guess you all know that it all started because of the "kicking-ball-on-top-of-roof" business. loL! Yea...i'm going broke now, and i've still gotta get some stuff. sigh...
God will make a way, when there seems to be none.

I just got home from a wonderful church service. The message was fabulous! It was about Hearing from God. haha, my favourite part was when the preacher said that we should ask God specific questions. Eg. Lord, is this job suitable for me? Yea...that's really cool!

However, things started tumbling down when i suggested something to my mum out of sheer good will. I had no intent of harm, only wanted to suggest something to her. Furthermore, it was a small thing. However, my dad just made a big deal out of it. We almost got into a enormous quarrel when the root of the problem was just a small suggestion. -.-" i can't believe it. He says it's the tone in which i speak that instills a negative feeling in others. sigh..
God, please help me to change.

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