Friday, April 01, 2005

Finally...the Hols!

At long last, the holidays have come. haha, right at the most appropriate time. I'm really in need of a well-deserved two week break. Argh... but i can never evade the tightness of my school, i was issued 4 projects due for completion during the holidays, plus 16 hours of community service. Sigh... looks like i'm gonna have a rather rough holiday afterall. main goal for the 2-week holiday is to train my left foot, and make it as good as my right. haha, sounds like a big task, but i'll try my best and God will do the rest!

School ended at 12.30pm today, and i went out with some friends. haha, Duc asked me if i wanted to play soccer in the city. I asked him where in the city, and he answered "Flinders Street Station". lol! I was totally cracking up...i thought he was joking... but he was dead serious. haha, Harish and i were deciding if we should play soccer at flinders, or have "Fur" for lunch at Richmond. Our desire for soccer attracted us to the former choice. lolz..

Duc, Turk, Harish, Victor, Jin, Michael, Johnny, Tommy, Darren and i took a train down to Flinders. I was really reluctant to play soccer there because there were glass walls, and many people walking around. haha! But the main reason was because i saw some Connex staff nearby. Sure enough, we got chased out of the station. lol!

We decided to have a quick lunch at Maccas and head down to a nearby field. I had a bacon deluxe, and it tasted awesome! Alright, we took a tram down to the field. The sun was blazing, and the heat was really unbearable. haha, we still played under those conditions. I had a great time.

Oh yea, my tooth still hurts a little. But it's getting better. I sure hope it heals completely before tomorrow's important soccer game. The Fungus Youth Group has organised an official indoor soccer match against the Youth Adults tomorrow. haha, and i'm extremely nervous because i'm supposed to be their star player. lolz... we're up against 20 year old dudes who are in their primes, and the odds are - We'll lose.

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banh said...

you know instead of making the left one better you could just break the right foot.