Wednesday, April 13, 2005

710 words/min!

haha! My reading speed has increased to 710 words/per min! This course is really miraculous...i encourage everyone who reads my blog to take it up! haha...i mean...i can't go on reading at such a fast pace for more than 10 mins, but it'll do for mid-length essays.

Although the course is producing excellent results, i'm feel dead beat on the second day. My vision goes blurry at the end of the course. Sigh... and this course literally takes up the whole of my afternoon, leaving me with no time to go out with friends. =( I was rushing to make it on time today. The course is held at MLC, which is about 2 km from the Glen Ferrie train station. I caught a train from box hill at 1.32 (It was delayed), and got to Glen Ferrie at 1.48pm. Panic engulfed me at the thought that i was gonna be late AGAIN. So i started toward MLC at an extremely fast pace. Have you ever felt the strain in your legs after trying to walk as fast as you can for as long as you can? Yea...i really felt that...but i still had to continue. Sigh...i managed to make it 2 mins before 2pm. Phew! I could seriously feel the fat in my thighs burning away for the first part of the lesson.

After the lesson, i caught the 4.40pm train to Nunawading. Mum brought me back to Glen Waverley train station, where i met up with Harish for soccer practice. loL! Initally, Harish said that he knew a park 10 mins away from the station. But i didn't know he meant the one along Springvale road! I was! lolz...we took 20 mins to walk there, and we weren't walking slowly. haha! Stupid Harish!

Well, we had a good soccer session. Though it would have been perfect if Harish would HEADER the ball. He claimed that it was too HARD to header. -.-" What a sissy! lolz! Oh yea...i almost lost my ball again: I made a sensational touch, flicked the ball up, and made a perfect connection with hard volley. The ball went screaming through the goals, up a small hill, and started to roll down toward an extremely busy road. I was like "No! Please Don't!", and starting sprinting to it's rescue. haha! And Harish was dumbfounded...he could only watch. As i was racing, i saw my precious ball slowly edging...closer...and closer towards it's woeful destiny. haha!
Fortunately, i grabbed hold of it, JUST when it was about to meet it's doom. Phew...another close shave. -.-"""""

haha...ok, Harish wanted me to include this in my post. We played a one-on-one soccer game within a 3 by 3 metre box. It required pure skill, pin-point shots and a long-lasting stamina. lolz... SURPRISINGLY, and also SADLY....Harish beat me 3-2. -.-" haha! Happy now Harish? I'll get'cha next time!

For all the Liverpool fans out there: Remember to watch Liverpool thrash Juventus tomorrow!

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