Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Love Retards again?

Hi yall! Please leave a tag if you're reading my blog! haha, it's a fee! =P

I'm raelly excited that my grandmum's coming back tonight! Yee Ha! lolz...she's always been a great inspiration to me =) I love my grandmum. I really miss her cooking too, she's a splendid chef. haha! i reckon she could start a brilliant restaurant if she wanted to.

Yea! I was really surprised to see Shawn Chang's tag this morning! That's really cooL! I don't believe such a long lost friend just popped out of the blue. haha! How're ya Shawn? I really hope you're doing good! It's a pity i couldn't meet up with ya the last time i went back to SG. I heard that you're currently captaining your school soccer team =) I still remember the times when we used to play soccer together, haha! Sam's team vs your team, and you would always try to recruit me. loL! Those were the days....hope you're doing well :)

I went to school early in the morn to have a little kick around. Duc's been asking me for "professional" advice on how to improve his performance. lolz...but he just can't except them. Sigh...especially the one where i told him that he has to grow a little bigger to be able to shield the ball with his body. Haha! He's puny. =P

Oh yea, i received my school pictures today. Several pictures of me in my school uniform, and one of the whole class. lolz! I'm not gonna post the pictures up today cuz i've gotta go pick my grandmum up from the airport right now. I'll do it tomorrow! Don't forget to come check them out! lolz...i'm not too happy with my picture, cuz i didn't know we were taking photos on that day, so i played soccer in the morning. haha! That totally messed my hair up -.-"" Trent told me to post his picture on my blog, and start complimenting him about his "good looks". haha! but i figured that it'll just chase my dear readers away =)

I got really pissed with some dude after school today, wanted to give him a real bashing. There were tons of students at the tram stop, all waiting eagerly for their turn to push into the crowded tram. While i was boarding the tram, this immature dude behind me said something really rude, racist and utterly immature. He was talking to his friend : "Dude, why aren't you pushing? It's only fun when you push! Look, there's just a small Asian in front of you." I was really tempted to turn around, and start beating the living daylights outta him. lol! But i kept my cool, didn't even take a good look at him. Don't know what stopped me, but whatever it was, i thank God for it. Hmm....he was probably a Year 11 or 12. haha! It would be hilarious if he got his butt kicked by someone 3 years younger. Hmm...i told myself that i've gotta buff myself up even more, just to make sure that such immature ppl are humbled. haha, that's mean.

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