Sunday, April 03, 2005

Lost in Space

Have you ever aspired to achieve?
And when you've finally done so, parade the streets and make your name well-known?
Has He ever slipped your mind?
The every person that helped you get up there.

I almost got my head stuck up in space after winning the Indoor Soccer Tournament yesterday. Fortunately, I was reminded that it was God that helped me. He made me what i am, and gave me all i've got. And i thank Him for that. He has given me so much, more than i could ever dream of. Should i steal his glory?

I was watching the Liverpool vs Bolton match LIVE today. haha! It was so intense....the game was a crucial decision towards which club would make the fourth place - Would it be the mighty Liverpool? OR the uprising Bolton? haha, as always, i went for Liverpool. The game was a stale-mate for 80 minutes, but it was really entertaining. There were some nail-biting moments when the ball was cleared off the goal lines at both sides. haha...Liverpool managed to pull out a goal in the 83th minute, and i was screaming my head off! haha! there are not many things better than watching your team win LIVE! I thank God for letting Liverpool win as well.

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