Friday, April 22, 2005

Lest we forget...

Lest we forget...

The brink of an extremely eventful day started off slowly. Despite the temptation of a much needed and relaxing sleep-in, I met up with Meng, Peter, Blee and Belinda at 8am in the city. We were supposed to go for breakfast. However, due to the highly respected intellectual standard of comprehension of Melbourne High and Mac Rob students, all of us, save Blee, expected to have breakfast on a full-stomach.

We wandered the busy streets of Melbourne while deciding on a location. After several attempts at Maccas, KFC, and 7-11, we ended up at a food court in Melbourne Central. -.-" I had a cup of hot chocolate which cost me $2.80! But it was really good though, just the right amount of froth =) After the "meal", we continued with the aimless wandering of the city - around the State Library, past the front porch twice. Yep, the students loitering along the Library's front porch were laughing at the aimless 5.

We dropped to gals off at Mac Rob, got lost somewhere south of Melbourne. Walked 3kms in utter stupidity, looking in hope that the Shrine of Rememberance would be in sight. Meng started to bag Peter about his weight. Peter got pissed and ditched us. Anyway, we got to the Shrine really early - 10.10AM, only to get baked in the merciless sun for 50 blistering minutes. The sun was blazing directly upon our delicate faces throughout the 90 minute ceremony. -.-" i've got red hues on my cheeks at the moment. There were more than 10 schools present at the prestigious ceremony. The traditional interludes played by the tadem band, the bag pipe's irritating pitch and the solo horn performance were excellent. The ceremony was going smoothly until it was our turn, we were under tremendous pressure, and i had a strong feeling that we were gonna stuff it up. Amazingly, the dudes pulled off a slightly below remarkable performace, to ensure another year of Azn Pride in Australia!

Jin, Turk, Duc, Harish, Marcus, Darren, Jason, Jamie, Leo, Bahn Victor, Lil Joe and i made up a small portion of the huge Melbourne High community that literally flocked into the upper level of Hungry Jacks. After lunch, we headed straight to a nearby field in the city for soccer! We had a really enjoyable time there. However, i left the field with a limp -.-"

I never knew Jin would be the type that bears grudges, waiting patiently and carefully for the perfect opportunity to strike and take his much desired revenge. So... i only kicked his ball over a building, knocked into him a few times, bagged him about his hair, kicked his bag, chucked dirt into his blazer, burnt his house down, bagged his homeland, tried to get on with his sister, and merely made a small crack on his shin. I wasn't really expecting him to seek revenge on me in a soccer match.

Turk crossed a ball in from the left flank, it flew nicely into the path of the goal-hungry Jin. But i was determined to stop it. Jin winded his left foot up, all ready to unleash a thunder of a shot. I stretched my right left out, and cleared the danger. Only to be seen whining and groaning in utter pain, on the prickly grass seconds later. I never knew Jin had such a precise accuracy, esp when the target is a dude's manhood. I was literally in intense agony, i could feel different body fluids rushing through my body in confusion. Unfortunately for Jin, i didn't die. Fortunately for me, i'm still a man.

These precious memories are recorded down, just as the names of the brave ANZAC soldiers are engraved on the Shrine of Rememberance. Why?

Lest we forget...
(Jin! I'll remember that!)

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