Thursday, April 21, 2005

Okay, okay, pls don't bag me. And don't scroll to the bottom of the post until you read everything! haha! This isn't reverse psychology! lol! I couldn't get a proper scan on the class photo, so it's a little slanted. And... I don't like my individual picture. haha! For all of you who don't know me.... i don't look like that! -.-" Honestly...i mean, my face is almost the same...but my hair's totally different. loL!

School was pretty fun today, it was a real bludge. The Mac Rob gals came during periods 4 and 5 for a chorale rehearsal. It was really embarrassing. sigh...the dudes were making all sorts of noises. But they weren't the only ones to blame....the gals started making noises too. -.-" haha, when i say "noises", i'm referring to the screams that a Beckham fan would make when she/he sees David Beckham in reality. I mean... Mac Rob and Melb High, two of Melbourne's most prestigious schools mucking around in front of their teachers - a total lack of discipline.

The whole reshearsal was ruined when we advanced to the Hockey field. We practised all three songs - Australian National Anthem, Waltzing Matilda and I vow to thee my country. And we basically screwed them all up -.-" Only a minority of the dudes were singing. I was singing my guts out to produce some volume, while the dudes beside me were mucking around. Sigh... i screamed at some of them. loL! Mr.Balis was extremely pissed, and gave us a 10min lecture under the blazing sun -.-"

I met Blee and her two best freinds, Florence and Lily, on the way to the Oval. haha! Using my psychological analysis, which is only 1% accurate =P, Lily was a little shy. But i seriously don't know why. They were about to leave for lunch in the city.

I got full-on BAGGED by my soccer buddies when i got to the Oval. -.-" sigh...everyone thought that i was going out with a Mac Rob chick. loL! I knew that this would happen. If i had known betta, i would have wagged school to go to the city with them.

Oh yea...i can't imagine what it'll be like tomorrow in front of the Shrine. Sigh...i'm thinking that it'll be EXTREMELY embarrassing considering the fact that it'll be in public, and that we're not even half ready for it. We need a miracle!

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