Thursday, April 28, 2005

Sporty Footy..

Unfortunately in some ways. Fortunate in many. I was put on the bench of the Yarra Footy Team for most of the game. I had played lots of soccer during lunch, and i was in no shape to continue playing Footy. All i could do was to sit back and watch my passion for the, once magnificent, Yarra fall into the Homozygous hands of Como. Judging by the way the dudes played today, we've got absolutely no chance. Except for my good buddy, Matt. He's a real Footy fanatic. Despite his "amateurity" in Soccer, he's a gun when it comes to Footy.

In my opinion, Footy's a pointless game. Sure, it's pleasant to watch, but only for a short period of time. And yes, there is skill involved. But the skills are not as spectacular as those seen in Soccer matches. I wonder why people would prefer Footy to Soccer... I'm gonna get raped in school tomorrow if anyone sees this. haha!

Alright, i was really bored today, waiting on the bench with Joe and Duc. But i learnt something. Humility. It is what defines a true character. It purifies the motives of anyone, and appeals to most. It's a pity that most people lack it. I've not seen many humble chaps from MHS, most of them are all stuck up. Filled up to the nostrils.

Some Year 12, manager of Yarra's Footy Team, wanted one of the subs to assume the well-respected duties of the waterboy. Everyone started backing off. I wondered what it was like to be among the lowest, and then i volunteered to do it. It was kindda humiliating carrying a 10- bottle rack past lots of my friends. I filled up bottle, after bottle, after bottle. And when they were filled up, i carried the extremely heavy rack back to the bench area. Along the way, 2 retards walked up to me and took 2 water bottles. -.-" Consider it fortunate that their two-front teeth are still intact, for the fact i had both hands occupied.

Well, i learnt what being humble was all about. It was humiliating at first, but neccessary. When you humble yourself in front of others, no one's gonna get mad at you (Unless he's a retard of course). People may try to take advantage (Low-life scums), but you end up satisfied with your accomplishments. Who's the man with the better character? The one who humbles his heart.

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