Friday, April 08, 2005

Fawkner Park....pff

Went to the city today, accompanied by Shane, Harish and Marcus. haha...there was a really funny atmosphere on the train because Shane was surrounded by Singaporeans. lolz! And he was actually bagging us by saying that we're "Drug Lords". lolz..he got stared down.

We met up with a our friends at Flinders - Jin, Turk, Duc, Tommy, Darryn, Jamie, lil Joe, Jase, Victor and Bahn. On the tram to Fawkner, we were laughing our guts out because the driver looked like a man from the back, but a lady from the front. haha! We got to Fawkner park at about 1.30pm. Just when we were about to begin, an official told us that we had to book the soccer fields there. -.-" However, he was pretty kind. He redirected us to a nearby field which had only one goal set up -> Double -.-"

The match was pretty good. Duc, Tommy, Jase, Darryn, Bahn, Marcus and Shane took on Turk, Jin, Harish, Victor, lil Joe, and myself. haha...i didn't really enjoy myself cuz i felt that there was not enough class on the pitch. haha...i mean, there were pretty good players...but most of them are hogs -> like Turk =P

Ok, i set aside this portion for the official bagging of Jason. haha! Firstly, he thinks he's a good keeper when he's only ordinary. I mean....even Turk's a better goal keeper than he is. lolz! Jase, i hope you're reading this. He always has an excuse for his mistakes, usually blaming his defenders. Prior to this game, he's never failed to taunt me, saying "it's been a really long time since you've scored against me, Isaac!" lolz.. This time... the game ended 3-3, resulting in a penalty shoot out. (I'm in a rush now, so i'll just skip the action). lolz.. it was my turn to step up to the spot. I've had many bad experiences with penalties, and i knew that if i missed this one, i would get bagged by Jase for the rest of my life. lolz...i booted it real hard, accurately at the bottom right corner, "Bang!" it came off the inside of the post and rolled over the line. lolz! leaving the HELPLESS keeper with no chance. haha! Hope you liked that Jase!

Gotta rush off to a Youth Orientation Meeting tonight. haha, i've gotta shower and have dinner in 30 minutes. See ya peeps!

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