Saturday, April 09, 2005

Soccer Madness!

Like the new look?

lolz...i had lots of time today, and i decided to do a refurbishment of my blog. haha! For all the anti-Owen people out there... eat that! lolz...i spent a little more than 4 hours creating this skin. I reckon it's pretty good for my second attempt. I the least, it's betta than the previous one. Blee's the first one to view my skin, and she likes it (I think). lolz...Hope you peeps like it!

BTW, it's not done yet! There'll be something X-tra - The X-Factor that'll make you LOVE my blogskin. lolz...not gonna let the cat outta the bag. You can figure it out for yourself tomorrow =P
I just wanna thank God for helping me with this, spent much of the time wrecking my mind, but perseverance was the key =)

I played soccer with some friends at 4pm. Whoa...the weather was extremely hot! I invited Marcus and Harish. Alright, i've gotta bag Harish here. Man...i don't believe that one's strong passion for soccer could be quenched so easily by mere hot weather -.-" Thankfully, Marcus tagged along. We had a really fun time...the adults took on the "Under 20s". lolz...our team was full of small children who couldn't really play. By the end of the first half, everyone was dying of the heat. My chest was panting heavily, taking in heaps of hot air. Argh...i hate the feeling of burning lungs. Haha, i'm exegerrating. i managed to pull of a sweet goal with my left foot *kisses right foot*. We won in the end by a narrow score of 5-4.

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