Monday, April 11, 2005

What a L-O-N-G Day!

I slept at 1AM this morning, and i woke up at 6AM this morning.
lolz...i just had to get that out. It just sounds cool. Ohh..i'm exhausted right now. Pff..
I've not been sleeping well for the past few days...i never fail to wake up at 6am no matter how late i sleep in the night before. And the worst part is that i can't go back to sleep! -.-" It's like a curse on my weary body.

Anyways, i woke up after sleeping for a mere 5 hours. My tired body only had 5 hours to recharge for what turned out to be an action-filled day. haha, one of the longest days since i came to Melbourne. lolz.. my sis and i rushed out of the house to be at Mount Waverely train station at 12:30pm. Met up with Blee, Yvn, Meng and Linda. haha.. we were supposed to catch a bus down to the ice-skating rink in Oakleigh. Unfortunately, we narrowly missed it. -.-"

We walked to yvn's house, and waited there till it was about 2pm. During that time, yvn invited Ye, Jonathan and Lisa. While Meng and i were playing Gunbound with James. lol! It's been such a long time since i last played that stupid game, but my account still existed! haha!

We took a long bus ride down to the ice-skating rink, only to find out that it was closed. -.-" That retarded Meng had got the timings wrong! sigh... we had already wasted 2 and a half hours, from 12:30 to 3:00pm. All of us were shell-shocked, and we couldn't really decide where to go next. Caught a few buses, went to a few wrong places, got into some trouble. loL! you name it! We mucked around for 2 hours before finally deciding to catch a movie at Chadstone. haha! We took a bus to Clayton and a train down to Homesglen and watched to Chadstone.

That stupid Meng almost got killed along the way! loL! We were on the wrong side of an extremely busy road. The rest had all crossed the road, just in time for the bus. haha, i didn't wanna be left behind. I made a desperate run pass the cars zooming by and got to the other side alive! haha! and then i heard lots of honking behind me. loL! Meng had followed after me, and literally stopped the traffic on the road. lol! I was laughing my guts out, he could have been run over!

Anyways, we saw "Pacifier" at 5:30pm. It's an AWESOME show. It's really funny, yet action-packed. One of the best movie's i've seen. It has a splendid storyline, and a pretty good surprise twist. Oh..the show ended at 7:20pm. And by then all the buses had already stopped running. Yvn, Jonathan, Lisa, Ye and Lindah caught trains home from Homesglen. Fortunately, my parents were kind enough to pick us up. We dropped Blee and Meng off at Clayton station before heading home.

*Thank God for making a good day out of a bad situation.

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