Saturday, April 16, 2005

Thanks for Understanding..

Hmm...looks like there are not many ppl reading my blog. Doesn't matter...

Thanks for understanding. yea, i'm talking to you. Hope i didn't hurt ya, cuz you know that i'd be better off dead than to do that. Thanks for being such a Great friend to'll always be precious!

Today's gonna be a pretty boring day, i've still gotta complete a German project about German culture and a Psycho SAC -.-" haha! I was doing research on Martin Luther yesterday, and i was looking for a picture of him on Google Images. I started cracking up when i the results showed a plump white dude, as well as a funny-looking black dude! LOL! I never knew that there were 2 Martin Luthers. haha! One from America and one from Germany.

Oh yes...I've got a nickname now! It sounds pretty gay... it's like one of those "Cute" pet names. LOL! Blee put the label "Apple" on my forehead today. -.-" i was like "apple?" haha! But i accepted the nick because of her valid reason - Newton's Apple. I was literally laughing my guts out! Call me apple on the net from now on! But don't EVER use that in real life! It's embarrassing! lol!

God's been with me through ALL i've been through. He's my provider and my redeemer. This poem is dedicated to him, for all he's made me and for all he's given me.

Thank you Lord!

You are my help,
When i'm in need.
When i'm lost,
You always lead.

You hold me tight,
Lest i fall.
You sustain me,
And give me all.

When i'm down,
You lend a hand.
When my heart's broken,
You carefully lead.

I need you, Lord.
You're the one i seek.
Mould my heart,
And make me meek.

* Thank you Lord!

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