Saturday, April 02, 2005

Soccer Time ~8)

I've no idea why i woke up so early today - 5am. haha, and i couldn't get back to sleep. I think it's because i'm too nervous about the soccer tournament this afternoon. I lay in my bed from 5.00am till 5.40am thinking about soccer tactics and what would happen to my tooth if it gets knocked again. haha...i'm really paranoid aren't i?

Oh yea, this good friend of mine Bahn always talks about me on his blog - haha, he's extremely funny. Pop on down to have a look if you're got spare time. He'll make you cry laughing! Everyone calls him Bahny, which sounds like Barny. And it suits him since he looks like Barny. loL! He's an awesome cricket player, despite the fact that he plays with himself for hours. haha! What a funny dude.


Dragged down hard,
By a regular desire.
Being pulled towards,
An ever-raging fire.

Fueled by selfishness,
Powered by personal gain
Entices with pleasure,
Results in eternal pain.

Though it may be hard,
To escape from Temptation's grip.
My Heavenly Father,
Will never let me slip!

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