Monday, April 18, 2005


Got into the train today with a newly cut head. lol! My mum offered to cut my hair LATE last night. Recently, i made up my mind to do away with my "Often Bagged, Seldom Praised" center-parting and replace it with anything else. lolz...i could see that my mum was taken aback even though she didn't react much when i told her that i may spike my hair. sigh..i'm such a dissapointing son. She didn't give me a totally new look though, she just cut it shorter. Argh...i hate having long hair, it just gets too messy after doing some sport. I'll go get a hair makeover some time soon. ~8)

First day of school was pretty good. I missed four periods of school due to a history excursion to the Holocaust Museum. I've never really been in one of those...i think it's because i was too young >:( haha! Don't even think about it! The museum was run by some Jewish survivors, we heard some of their heart-touching testimonies. The amount of pain and sheer agony that these people went through is just amazing. I've really gotta take my hat off to them. If i were in their shoes, i'd be rather off dead. Imagine your entire family being massacred by one German officer in just moments.... saddening. I had a pretty long chat with one of the survivors. I asked her if she still felt any hatred toward the Germans. And i was really astonished about what she told me. She said that she didn't mind young Germans, because they were trying their best to make up to what their forefathers (The Nazis) did. However, she would feel a little troubled when she sees an elderly German. But she would try to be nice. How remarkable is that? I doubt i'd be able to do that!

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