Monday, April 04, 2005

Measure of a Man

First day of the holidays.

One thing good about Australia is that they have a better understanding of English and it's vocabulary. Especially the word - Holiday. A holiday means, a holiday. It doesn't mean a period of time when students study 24 hours at home instead of in school. haha...that's the definition of 'holiday' in Singapore, not in Australia.

However, i've got four projects piled on me this time. Sigh... Singapore's really gotta huge influence on it's neighbouring countries. lol! I started off the day by reading the Sentinel. haha, it's a really funny(and when i say really, i mean REALLY) magazine produced by pupils of MHS. Then, i read half a chapter of my Psychology textbook on Pro-social behaviour. haha, Psychology's an interesting subject...but it can get into too much detail at times. It's goes into in-depth explanations and theories of commonsense concepts such as - Audience Inhibition, Diffusion of Responsibility, Cost-Benefit Anaylsis, Bystander Effect and the many social norms. haha, don't ask me what they mean cuz you'll laugh at the "profoundness" of my explanation.

I played soccer with my sister in the afternoon - first training session for my left-foot. lolz! I used my left foot most of the time, and i sprained it twice in the process. haha! As the saying goes - When the going gets tough, the tough gets going! I can see some signs of improvement in my left foot now. Thank God!

Haha, i just grew 1 cm in the last one week. I'm reminded of my good friend, Matt, who shot up 7-10 cm during a 2 week holiday. I wish that would happen to me! haha! Hopefully.

I'm in a HUGE debt right now. After paying Jin for his ball and buying my own ball, i owed my mum a total of 45 dollars. After much suffering, i managed to save up 35 dollars in the last two weeks, leaving me in a 10 dollar debt. In addition to that, i owe my sis 1 dollar, and Harish $1.45. lolz!

Fortunately, my mum managed to secure a work-experience job for me at a hospital. I'll get paid hourly for that, and i just can't wait to get our there to experience real work-life! haha! I really envy Charlene, she gets to work everyday. lolz..

I'm gonna ask you, yea YOU, to tag me. Answer this question - How do you measure a man?

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