Thursday, April 07, 2005

Bad Weeds!

For all the Inter Milan fans out there - Betta luck next time.
For all the AC Milan fans - You'll lose to Liverpool in the next tie =P

haha...i woke up early today to watch AC vs Inter in the Champions League. It's such a pleasure to see so many star players playing together, taking the name of Soccer to it's highest level. I really enjoyed the game.

I never knew weeding could be such hard work. I've had always wanted a garden when i was in Singapore. But now that i'm in Australia, i'm having second thoughts. front lawn is just plagued with weeds at the moment. And my parents assigned me the task of getting rid of them -.-" haha...i mean, i'd gladly do it. It's just's extremely hard work.
Well, i had to bend down for 2 hours, digging the stupid weeds out of the ground, while trying not to harm the grass. Sigh..i've got a backache at the moment. =(

I managed to do 3 major things today.
- Write an article for the Indoor Soccer Competition
- Composed a poem
- Studied Psychology theories about anti and pro social behaviour

Haha, Quentin asked if i could write up an article, summarising the soccer competition last Saturday. It's gonna be published in the church magazine! haha...i'm really excited. I did the first half and Jerusha finished it off. The readers are gonna find it really funny cuz there are two very different styles of writing.

Ok, have a look at my poem.

My Hope

Why should I live,
In this world of Agony.
Weak in the flesh,
With nothing left for me.

Living each day,
In simple repetition.
Searching aimlessly,
For a humble consolation.

But i put my Hope,
In your unfailing love.
You are the bright light,
That shines from above.

All my dreams,
Have rolled down the slope.
But in your love,
I will have Hope.

*Dedicated to my Saviour

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