Saturday, April 23, 2005

Fungus Youth Rally!

The sun beat me to it today. I slept really late last night, and it glued me to my bed til 9 in the morning. -.-" haha! i've never liked to sleep in, it's.... kindd like a waste of time. Anyways, i just wanna share something. For those of you that don't know me well, i've gotta gift from God. It's the special gift of words; God has really helped me to compose about 90+ poems and 2 songs throughout the past 3 years. Well, i used to write a poem for God every week. However, i got discouraged by some of the low-quality poems that were growing in number. Thus, my rate of composing poems dropped.

Recently, i felt an urge. I thanked God for giving me this precious gift, and that i would really love to use it for his glory. Well, i asked him to inspire me with new ideas, with new concepts for more poems. I asked, and he answered! I was just strumming on my guitar yesterday, when i just thought of a new tune. I started playing that tune...and then words just came into my head. Words that were meaningful...words that were powerful! haha! I started to compose a song...well, i really like it. It's entitled "Jesus, i love you". Again, God inspired me to write an even better song today! Another tune just popped up in my head, and i started to think of the lyrics. But i was stopped at a point, when i couldn't think of a word to finish off a sentence. So i asked God to give me that word while i sang the incomplete song. He did! The word "Spot" just came outta my mouth when i was singing the song! it was just the word that i was looking for! God is sooo real!
All it takes is faith to see him.

We picked Blee up from the Glen Waverely Train Station at 5pm, after an awesome hour-long soccer game. lol! I'm feeling really guilty now cuz she had been waiting for more than an hour! -.-" Blee! you should have just called me! Poor you..
Jerusha and i showed her our rooms, and we asked her to judge which was the better one. haha! The answer was obvious although she refused to give any comments.

The Fungus Youth Rally didn't really meet my expectations, but it was fun. We had a standard time of worship. haha! Blee was so lost, esp when we were asked to raise our hands. lol! It was sooo funny...well, i felt pretty bad. Oh yea, Blee kept asking Jerusha and i to jump and dance with the music. -.-" lolz! Almost everyone else was jumping....but in my opinion, praising God has to be done in a repectful and devoted manner.

After that, we played a "simulation game". It's really complicated, and i don't wanna go into details. But basically, we were divided into groups of five. Each group represented a family in rural India. We had to decided what crops we would plant in the fields that were given to us, and we were reap our harvest according to the weather. Yep... it was pretty interesting, but the fun soon died out after the first 30 minutes. We had some sausage rolls after the game...and then left for home.

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