Sunday, April 10, 2005

Power of Prayer

Hi peeps! Like the final version of the new skin? lolz.. yea yea can bag my soccer skills the next time you meet me. I spent a total of 7 hours creating this skin, and i'm really happy with the results. haha...a sacred Sense of Satisfaction =)
Tag me if you like it!

I went to church in the morning. Tim Piesse spoke about the power of prayer, he's a really funny bloke. I was really touched, espcially when he testified about a lady who had been barren for years. She prayed for healing a few years ago, and now...she's awaiting the arrival of her third child. Sometimes... fulfillment of prayer takes a long time. But God Always listens... So keep praying! Pray in desperate faith!

Travelled to Doncaster after church to watch my sister's soccer game. lolz...both teams were short of players, so they had 8 a side on a field meant for 11. It was really funny watching gals play soccer. haha! I won't bag anyone or any gender It's just funny.

After that, i went for the Fungus Youth Meeting. As usual, it was awesome. Chris never fails to surprise. haha, the highlight of this week's meeting was the Indoor Soccer footage! It's been two weeks since the soccer tournament, and i've been dying to view it. There were two gals who were doing the filming, and they did a terrible job. They failed to shoot any of the 4 goals that were scored, and they missed my penalty scenario completely! >:( haha! However,Chris managed to edit the film, extracting all the highlights, and i was really surprised at how well he did it. He literally made something outta nothing! lolz..the footage was extremely humourous. Can't stop laughing at the thought of it! =)

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