Monday, February 13, 2006

Swimming Carnival

It was a long walk to MSAC, but the atmosphere was exploding at our annual House Swimming Carnival this afternoon. Although i was swimming in the Under-16 age group, with boys one year below my grade, i still felt rather nervous before my race. Time seemed to tick by so quickly... i wasn't allowed to wear my Waveline swim shorts, and i thought i was going to be disqualified, but Trent was kind enough to lend me his bathers just in the nick of time. haha! I was wearing something underneath though! Yea... sometimes you realise who your true friends are when a desperate need arises.

Anyway, we went on to win the 50 x 4 B-Relay in style. We had a few seconds to spare. The first-placed ribbons we received were so dodgy! Despite our triumphant victory, the rest of the Yarra men failed to impress as we finished last. -.-" LAST! That's utter humiliation for a house such as Yarra. Sigh.. It doesn't matter if a few fingers are active, it takes the whole hand to make things work.

I really can't be stuffed studying right now. I know that i should probably read up on some business news, but the swim today has just sucked all the energy outta my body. I'll just send a few emails. Btw, i've got your email Joce, just give me a while more to reply ya!

Erm... read the story that i wrote below! It's entitled "Big Baby Steps". You'll love it! =)

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