Friday, February 10, 2006

Fussy Wussy

I don't like indecisiveness. I detest it because it's a waste of time, and it confuses people. But i find myself being caught in a web of fussiness, in a tight tug-of-war. On one side, my friends and my passions are pulling me towards going for the North Sydney Exchange. On the other, my academic persuits, the cost, and the liabilities of taking a billet are telling me otherwise. Haiz... i made up my mind not to go last night, but i'm having second thoughts right now since Tommy's going too.

Politics. Why does everything have to revolve around that? Sigh... i kindda hate it. I really do. It comes into play even in the Futsal selections for North Sydney. If you don't know the captain, some Year 12 dude named Greg, your chances of getting into the team are as close as the two ends of the Great Wall.

I'm not the kindda person that likes to showboat on the field... i just do what's neccessary to get the job done. I prefer to let my feet do the talking, instead of babbling on and on about how good i am. So i don't think i'll be able to make it into the Futsal team even if i'm way better than the Year 12s skill-wise. Politics.

My forecast for the weekend is about 15 hours of work -.-" I've been doing homework through recess and lunch for the past three days, and i never seem to be able to get on top of my work. Jase's getting pretty pissed cuz i've been missing his "clean sheets". haha! Whenever i get high enough to see the top of the tall stack of books, my teachers never fail to add more to it -.-" I wonder when i'll be able to get to the top.

My sister called Lydia just then. I've come to realise that time is so precious. If i get an hour or two free from my homework, i'll treasure it. I spent an hour and a half with my sis after school today at MC, shopping for a present for Tab's birthday. My sis called Lyd, and i got to speak to her for 5 mins or so.

I mean.. i've learnt to treasure these moments more, now that time becomes so limited.

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