Thursday, February 09, 2006

Slack Off? Dream On!

I never expected the jump from Year 10 to 11 to be so massive. It's really hit me quick and sudden, like a bolt of lightning. I haven't been able to blog in the past 6 days solely because of the heavy amount of school work. Sigh... it's only the 2nd week of school and i'm already running outta petrol.

But i thank God for my friends though. I kindda feel that we're all in this together, and they do support me. We had athletics trials yesterday. I jumped 5m for the long jump, ran 12.4s for 100m, and 1.07min for 400m. These scores are pretty dissapointing actually, especially for the runs. But everyone had funny timings, so i guess i can blame the dodgy time-takers =)) haha! I hope i'll be able to run for my House and for the school Aths team.

I went for the North Sydney Futsal trials during my two study periods today. The dudes - Turk, Tommy, Jin, Jase, Duc, Kev, Darryn, lil Joe, Laios and Johnny - were there as well. But most of them had no intention of representing the school for the North Sydney Exchange, they just wanted to have some fun. haha!

Anyway, the Year 12s formed two teams, and so did the Year 11s. We had a rotational system - winner in, loser out; while Mr. Rotella watched us closely from the bench. The team i was in wasn't the best, but we managed to beat all the others =) haha! Thanks to sheer committment from Jin, Jase, Duc and Darren. I hope i get selected.

The North Sydney Exchange issue is really wrecking my mind. I really want to represent my school in Sydney, and i want to gain some exposure and experience. However, i'm gonna be missing a weekend plus two days of school; which may prove to be a lot to catch up on. I'm already struggling to keep up with the relentlessly fast pace that my teachers are going at. And i'll be obliged to billet someone from Adelaide when our school hosts the next exchange. Sigh..

God, help me out!

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