Friday, February 17, 2006

Crumbling...crumbling...crumbling...still hanging on

I'm crumbling, yes, as i title continuously and irritatingly repeats. I feel as though i'm shrinking everyday, getting crushed by the excessive workload that i'm getting from my 7 subjects. People warned me that it's gonna be extremely hard work with 7 subjects, and told me not to take it up. But i guess i'm asking for it. Sigh...

The family's gonna drive to Sorento with Joel, Rachel and Aunty Pauline tomorrow, while i'll be at home trying to loosen my heavy workload. Sigh... the mountain looks dead daunting, but i know that i'll still be hanging on no matter what.

Despite my efforts, i've been getting ordinary results for my BM, Methods and General tests. Not good, and not bad either. Sigh.. perhaps i'm too used to excellence. Maybe i'm falling backwards.

Harish actually said, "Isaac, don't look so dull."

I should be full of joy, not sorrow... the clear effects of crumbling... of pressure.



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