Friday, February 24, 2006

Burning Hot!!!

It's burning hot right now. It's been like that through the whole day. It's good to a certain extent as it gives a reason for not being 100% efficient in my work. Still, the work has to be done anyway. It's an irony.

It's just below 40 degrees celcius... i can't imagine how i'm gonna sleep in this sticky, humid and warm atmosphere. Ahh!!! Fly me to England!!

It was Tommy's, Duc's and Lil Joe's birthdays today - a triple lotto! Anyway, the dudes went to Flinders after school to celebrate. Phan was carefully biding his time to make a move on Nancy, while lil Joe and Jasmine were serving chocolate cake as though they were a happily married couple.

Marcus, Jin, Harish, Phan, Victor and i then went to this posh jewellery shop to buy some presents. Marcus wanted to get this fully-sick (and fully-expensive) bracelet for his precious gf. haha! I bought a present for Joce too, since her birthday's coming up =)

Yea, i'll be meeting the dudes at 1 tomorrow to celebrate the trio's birthdays again =) haha! It never seems to end, does it? Yea, it'll be great fun though... but i can't keep myself from worrying about the heavy workload for the weekend. I was intending to spend about 10 hours this weekend on Chemistry, BM, English, Economics, Methods and General. But yea... i think i'll have to prioritise... i mean, my friends mean more to me than work does =)

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