Friday, February 03, 2006

The Long Walk Home

When i got to the train station this morning, i reached into my right pocket to get my wallet but it wasn't there -.-" I wanted to go back home to get it, but the train was about to leave. So yea, i walked through the open gateway and boarded the train. It was my first time boarding a train without my ticket.

I had a good day at school, except for the loads of home work i received. There goes my first weekend -.-" Sigh... It only gives a forecast of what the rest of the year's gonna be like. But i'll have to push on with an optimistic approach =)

We had swimming trials today. I don't mind swimming, i actually like it a little... but i hate to be in my bathers. lol! I clocked in at 38 seconds last year, but i swam my guts out this time for a 34! haha! Many of my friends told me that that was a good time. So i guess i'll be swimming for my house in the imminent Swim Carnival.

I don't know why, but my soccer skills have gone down the drain...again. I tend to get it over a short period every year. Well, i don't believe in "form", cuz i think it's a lame excuse to cover up a poor performance. But... i don't know. I just don't have the same feeling in my feet as i've had before. I've got poor ball control, and i misjudge the ball a lot. Sigh.. hope this will blow over soon enough.

There were ticket inspectors at Glen Waverley train station when i got back -.-" What a coincidence.. there NEVER used to be ticket inspectors there! It just had to happen on the day that i forgot to bring my wallet -.-" haha! But i managed to get through the blockage thanks to Anthony and Andrew. Thanks guys! I owe you guys one! haha! Finally, some true friends.

I had to walk home from the station because i couldn't get on a bus without a ticket. Welson, another true friend, tried to smuggle me his ticket after he got on the bus, but it was unsuccessful. Anyway, the walk home was extremely tiring considering the heavy bag on my back. But i took the time to appreciate nature. I stared into the radiant blue sky speckled with fluffy white clouds. Aww.. that was relaxing, and comforting. Thank God for his creations that give us a break when the world seems to be crumpling down on us =)

btw, jase walks like a chick :P

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