Monday, February 27, 2006

Quick Break

Okay, it's time to take a quick break to keep track of my thrilling and eventful life.
Thinking back to last Saturday... i met the dudes for a movie in the city straight after Chinese school. The movie, Date Movie, was one of the most random shows i've ever seen in my life. The jokes were so clicherical that the audience felt compelled to laugh. haha!

Oh, the purpose of that outing was to celebrate Duc's, Tommy's and lil Joe's birthdays. We went shopping at Myers and took a short walk around MC. Oh yea, Nancy (the girl that Phan allegedly likes) was working at Maccas, and the dudes started playing a fool. It was kindda embarrassing because there was a very long queue. The outing wasn't that fun, but i really enjoyed spending time with the guys. I had to leave at 4pm because my parents were expecting me for two dinners that night - one that went from 5-7pm, and the other from 8-11pm.

Anyway, i just wanna thank God for postphoning my BM SAC to next Monday. I felt so pressurised on the weekend as i had to finish all the other work on top of studying for my important SAC. I even skipped Joyce's farewell party just to study. Sigh... i kindda expected this when i decided to go out on Saturday. But God has lifted a heavy burden off me. Well, there's still a lot of work to do... so i better get back.

I still feel really guilty because i didn't go for Joyce's party. Sigh... i'm gonna take her out for a farewell dinner with the people on the Glennie line one night. Yea, that'll be good.

I had a chat with my parents last night, and they really wanted me to represent my school for the North Sydney exchange. But Mr.Rothella told me that the Futsal team had already been filled out, and all the team members had already paid for the air ticket. Sigh... i guess i pulled this on myself. Well, i'll go next year...God Willing.

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