Thursday, February 02, 2006

1st Late

Believe it or not, i woke up at 7.53am this morning and got to school just before 9am. That's about 1 hour and 7 minutes. haha! I think that's a record. I had a bad cold last night, so i took some medication which knocked me out. That's why i woke up so late today.

Anyway, i got to school 5 minutes late. But according to my tightarse form teacher, Mr. Janus, a minute late is still considered as a "late". So yea, i prepared myself for a lecture, and a detention, as i walked into the class. However, Leo ran up to me the moment i stepped into the classroom and told me to get out cuz he had already marked my name off the roll for me. lol! I dashed outta the classroom as fast as i could. Boy! Thanks Leo! I owe you one.

I'm looking at two giant spiders at the two corners of my room at the moment. It's 10:10pm now, and i have just completed my Business Management worksheets. Sigh... it's the second day of school and i'm already working so hard. Looks like i'm in for another big year.

I feel like a motor boat tracking across the atlantic ocean with only a quater-tank filled. Sigh.. i don't know if i can make it till the end of this year with flying colours. I don't even know what God has in stall of me, but i hope it'll be good.

I've made a committment to email a few friends in Singapore consistently throughout the year. Hope that it'll last.

I'm like a burning candle that flickers when the wind blows, but never dies out.

Thank God for that.

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