Thursday, February 23, 2006

Far Away

I love this new song, Far Away. Especially the guitar plucking! I'm trying my best to learn it, and i've mastered the first verse. Anyway, school was generally good today despite the work. I've come to the realisation that i'm gonna have to keep up this hard working rate through the rest of the year. So yea... i'm not gonna complain anymore. It's just part of life, and i've gotta accept having to study for 3 hours every night. Well, Life's still good.

Joce, i'll find the time to reply your email!

I got outta detention today after a talk with my co ordinator, Ms. Smyth. I don't know what's come over me, but i find that there's hardly any energy left in me. People who knew me a while ago would have the impression that i was energetic, youthful always ready to have a go. But things have changed... i can't put a finger on whether it's mental or physical. For example, Ms. Smyth spoke to me like i was some kid begging for mercy, i really wanted to talk back at her, but i really couldn't be stuffed quarrelling and risking getting a couple of detentions.

Aunty Christina, Dawn's mum, came over to my house today. She handed me two presents from Dawn and Grace. Thanks a lot!

Sigh... i feel like i need a boost of energy right now. An inspiration.

God, breathe a new breath of life on me.

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