Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Quiet Anguish

Just when all's going well and as i'm starting to get a hold on my studies, dumb situations fling themselves onto my path as though the sole purpose of their exsistence was to piss me off. Sigh... i got bombarded by these situation through today - got reprimanded by Mr. Dowling for coming 2 minutes late to class, getting bagged by Jase for no reason when i wasn't in a good mood, getting picked upon by Mr. Janus, and getting bagged by Tommy cuz of his arrogance. haha! The list goes on...and they really stirr up a lot of quiet anguish within my soul.

I really felt as if i was gonna explode, especially when Jase kept tormenting me with his immature comments -.-"" I don't know what got over him. He just HAD to dampen my bad spirits. I know there's absolutely no reason for me to get pissed, or angry at such situations, but as i said before, it conjures up this...silent regret and remorse which leads to mild anguish, and then to anger and hatred.

haha! I just realised that all i've got to do is to laugh at it. To laugh in the serpent's face, to giggle at a spiteful blow, and to smile despite the darkness.

As i expected, i didn't make it into the North Sydney Futsal team due to Politics -.-""" Only 3 Year 11s got into the team - Turk, Kev and Johnny. Sigh... the dudes have told me to go speak to Mr. Rotella or Greg(the biased captain), but i really can't be stuffed begging then to let me into the team. Apparently their in desperate need for some players right now cuz some of the Year 12s dropped out. This my sound proud, but the only way i'm gonna join the team is if i'm approached by one of them... i'm not gonna plead.

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