Monday, November 27, 2006

The Simple Things In Life

I took these photos straight after my last exam. I felt so free; with nothing on my mind at all. No pressure, no deadlines, no assignments and tedious homework. I felt like i was in a state of complete relaxation, and what pleased me most at that time was just to take a good look at the surroundings were around me, and just enjoy and adore the wondrous works of God's hands.. The sky looked blue as never, and the clouds made me smile.. the hockey pitch was greener than usual and the air was still.. silence was gold then. I should really take more time to appreciate what God has created.. and thank him for that.

I had an extremely busy weekend. Charmaine slept over at my place on Friday night and we watched Tokyo Drift and You Got Served until 3am in the morning.. Then i started to feel an excruciating ache in my pecs which woke me up at 6am in the morn! loL! 3 hours of sleep! The pain was due to my excessive work out in the school gym on Friday -.-"" i made a half decent attempt at 20 "blurpies".

Then we had a barbeque at uncle Steven's house. It was a get-together party for the old cell group members... i got to see so many pple that i haven't seen in a long time.. that was good. I had a good chat with Aunty Lily, Jun Xiang, Yi Tern and Si Ling. Oh, i got to see Danica again too! haha! She seems to be getting a lil more mature every time i see her! Oh, we watched Ice Age 2 at the party.. and Danica wanted me to play her the newest song that i composed, and i was going too, but i never did. x.-"

Jerusha and i left the party early for soccer! yea, I was DEAD tired and i had barely any energy left in me from the 3 hours sleep that i had.. but we managed to have a good game. It wasn't that good really, not that fun, but it was soccer.. my daily dose of soccer that keeps me alive! o.O" DId i just type thaT?

Oh, then we went to Dazza's party straight after dinner. I was sooo tired that i considered sleeping at Dazza's house. haha! Happy Birthday to you, Daz!!! May you continue to grow in faith and in stature according to the will of God! =) When Jerusha and i arrived, the dudes were playing SOCCER -.-""" So we joined in, but i didn't run much for OBVIOUS reasons. Then we headed back, i brought 2 guitars and a laptop. Most of the dudes played DOTA, but i played on the guitar with Alv, Jerusha, Adrienne, Danica, Daz and Franny! =) Oh, Aviel, Pete, Alv and i played the Happy Birthday song on the guitar for Daz! loL! it was very much like a love song.. Anyway, thanks for the party Daz! =)

Sunday was a enjoyable torture too. I woke up at 3am to watch Liverpool OWN Man City 1-0 =))))) And then i went to church in the morning... Then i took a lift from uncle Joseph to some FAR AWAY place (one hour away from Melb, past Lilydale!!!) for a picnic. There were about 15 families there.. a whole lot of pple that i didn't know. Anyway, we had a game of SOCCER AGAIN!!! -.-"""" But i didn't run much for even more obvious reasons. haha! I taught Valerie this awesome trick. I got her to squat in the middle of the field with me and then do a high star-jump when the keeper takes the goal kick. LOL! Yea, that was kindda lame.. there were these 2 other dudes, both 18 years old, along with this other 30 year old man, that played their HEARTS OUT!! I was astonished by the way they were playing.. they put themselves in the same team against all the young girls and boys, and the tackled the girls as HARD as they could, kicked the ball as HARD as they could, and dribbled as though they were up against a solid Italian defence -.-""" Sigh.. the man kicked a ball that hit a girl's face on the full and he merely apologised before walking away -.-"""""I was disgusted at the way they were playing..

Anyway, we left the party early too for a mini Futsal tournament in Ringwood. LOL! SOCCER AGAIN! -.-""""""" This friendly tournament consisted of the Young Adults (including Qynn), Fungus, and a club that plays on a regular basis every week. Qynn said that these pple were really skillful, but we managed to demolish them in the end.. we had a pretty shaky start, but when Nick and i found our footing, we demolished that club team with a scoreline of around 25-5. LOL! I lost count of the amount of goals we scored!

I went to the gym with Marcus, Tommy and Daz after school today.. i'm expecting to get body aches all over tmr -.-""" Oh, there's Speech Night tmr, so i'll be in the city for the entire day! Booyah! Bumming time...

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