Thursday, November 16, 2006

Finally Exams are OVer!!!

The time has come at last!!! The sensation that ran through my veins when i wrote that last fullstop on my Chinese essay was FULL of elation and exhilaration! Booyah! I've finally completed my two 3/4 exams due for this year, and all i can do now is to wait patiently for the results. I don't think i did too well for the Chinese paper today, but i hope it's near 50 =)

I feel like typing something really eloquent now that i've got so much time... but my brain's just semi-dead. haha! i don't know what i'm gonna do, but here are a few things: Learn some new Chrisitian songs on the guitar, compose more songs and poems for God, learn to ballroom dance, and go through some of next year's coursework. haha! Hope that doesn't sound too exhaustive. Oh, and i reinstalled dota again just in case i get extremely bored and i feel like killing some time.

Something's been on my mind lately.. Charmaine keeps asking Jerusha and i to go for Deeper on friday night's, but we've been going for "study group" at FGA instead... my heart tells me that i should really try going to Deeper, but my heart is resistant because of the inertia built up due to my past experiences at Deeper. Sigh.. people say that a lot has changed.. and Charmaine, Valerie and Venetia seem to be enjoying themselves a lot. Maybe it's time to change.. change is inevitable.. i feel as though almost everything is set up for me, and all that's lacking is a simple step of initiative from me... sigh.. pressure from both sides. Uncomprehendable Irony.

I'm really delighted now. I feel as though a bundle of heavy rusty iron chains has just been released from my legs, allowing me to fly as high as i want and do exactly what i want to do! haha! It's a huge psychological boost. I just developed a simple theory, although i've always refused to believe it, that i'll play better if i have a clearer and carefree mind =) I'll be able to think of more soccer tricks and dribbling techniques.. hopefully i'll gain my much-deteriorated vision back.

haha! I don't feel like going to school tomorrow cuz it'll just be a waste of time doing those lengthy transition courses... but i can't wait to play a few hours of soccer with my friends after school. Oh, and there'll be study group too! cool... i wanna play some songs on the guitar with Alvin.

Jerusha just told me that Charmaine just got a black dress for the formal. haha! I've always wanted to wear a sky blue shirt.. i'm terrible at colours... do they match?

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