Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Sweet-tasting Honey

How sweet is the honey from the honeycomb? I'm not one for sweets, lollies and candies partly because i find them very artificial. My mum just bought a bucket of "Yellow Box" honey fresh from the honeycomb, and i'm having some right now.. the sweetness tastes different from all the other lollies. This one tastes more genuine, more real, more mature..

I've got one more exam coming up, Chinese. It's not over yet, but i'm thinking about what i'll be doing after that. Throughout most of the year, as i'm sure most of you can relate, i've been craving for more time to do the things i enjoy most. But i've been thinking what enjoyment really is... i find that i don't enjoy Soccer as much when i'm actually playing it although i love to talk about it. I would be dying to go for a fishing trip in the middle of the year, but i'd much rather a heart-to-heart talk on the fishing boat at the end of the year. It's wierd... but it's seems as though there's a greater longing and love for something that you don't have, but the only thing that gives it significance is the very fact that you don't have it. haha! It's complicated.

The fact is i WILL have enough time to do all, or most, of the things i've been craving to do. Soccer, go camping, fishing, watching movies, futsal, hanging out and all.. but don't realise that life's a continuous cycle that only keeps spinning till one runs out of steam? One craves for something, gets fulfilled, and then craves for something even more! Why? I believe it's because the things we crave for aren't really as fantastic as we deem them to be. The interest in doing something is (i'm hypothesising), subconciously, due to the fact that we have too much time! And we have to develop solutions to the most inconspicuous and least-talked about universal problem of boredom!

I believe that sweets, lollies and candies are the artificial worldly pleasures that Satan has cleverly disguised and implanted into our frail human minds to distract us from the One, the truth that will be sufficient for our needs. That's right... God's love... the honey in the rock. How sweet is the honey in the rock?

I crave to taste that...

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