Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Making Mistakes

6 exams down, just one more to go - Maths General. I really can't be stuffed studying for something that doesn't interest me, but i'll probably feel compelled to do so anyway. The exams have been rather good, i actually enjoy doing them.. the days fly by so quickly! It's been really productive. I reckon i learn much more by cramming everything to the day before the exams and making mistakes in the exams.

Well, i spent about an hour editing the song that i composed last week.. it's not perfected yet.. but i'll definitely be using that song for the Fungus album. I'll do a longer post some other time.. but i just went to Danica's blog and i was inspired to say something. I've been writing many English essays about Humanity and the social norms that rob us of it without us even realising. Well being Human is all about having deep intimate emotions, having the freedom of choice, to say what you want to say, to search for a God.. but most of all, to pick yourself up from a fall and continue to race; getting stronger and stronger as you go.

This is how Danica puts it:
"people just do everything they can to find the best way to get something out of everything, and if they cant get anything out of it, they move on. the "consumers" idea. But i think that it is important to make friends to bless people. and that means taking risks. You might end up hurt, and fail, but it will make you a stronger, more mature person. It makes u more interesting and richer as a person. sometimes, i look bak and go, " i wish i hadnt done that" or "i wish i couldve said something else"..we all make mistakes, sometimes, you regret it, but i see it this way, if u didnt make those mistakes, you wouldnt be the person you are today, you would be pretty shallow because u never went through hard times or hurt. Yano if everything always went well, you wouldnt grow, you wouldnt mature, you wouldnt be thankful of your blessings. I think the blessing of taking risks outweigh the hurt that comes with it."

Cheers Danica =)

Oh, Charmaine, Jerusha and i watched Step Up last Thursday. We had some fun with the elongated mirrors. haha!

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