Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Lust or Love?

"A counter is an outwardly expression of your popularity to those who make you popular, while the expression of your words give a blog a character, which is deeper than superficial popularity."

I wrote that on Darren's blog last week, and i just wanna post it up because i read over it again and i found that it holds a lot of meaning. That's the reason why i don't put up a counter on my blog. I know many many people read my blog but don't tag, that's okay.. i'm glad you like to read about this life God has given me.

I had the last session of my transition program today, Resources. I thought it was gonna be a complete waste of time and i went to school reluctantly. However, it turned out to be really beneficial! I never knew the library had so such a wide range of resources available. And i just found out that my school email which i've always known as 043107@mhs.vic.edu.au , has an alias account: isaac.ho@mhs.vic.edu.au ! lol! That's kindda pointless, but having my real name on my email account beats being numbered 043107 -.-"

I was chatting to this dude (who will remain anonymous, and be known as Klutz) after church last Sunday. Tim introduced me to Klutz, and we hit off really well. He was from Singapore too, and we has some friends in common. Anyway, throughout our conversation, he kept bring up the topic of "hot chicks/girls". He asked me if i go to the city much on weekends, and i told him that i go there every weekday cuz my school's in the city, and he was like.. yea, but i go there on the weekends too, that's where all the hot chicks are. -.-" I was like... YEAH! Sure thing.. and i changed the subject to something else, and he simply ignored me and totally checked out this hot chick that was walking behind me -.-" Man, that really pissed me off, i asked him what he was looking at and he replied "Oh, nothing!" I just walked away in disgust.

Frankly speaking, a lot of my friends are like that. Sometimes i feel that they don't give a damn about true love anymore, i sincerely believe that the times have changed, and almost everyone who hasn't got a proper values or religious beliefs (that's almost every teenager) accepts promiscuity. It's perfectly FINE to check chicks out, to refer to them as "hot chicks" as though they're a cheap commodity or to just USE them as girlfriends to release their stress or to make them look good in front of their friends. Shouldn't we treat girls with the respect that they deserve? And honestly speaking, no matter how many relationships that one may have, or how many "good times" that this kind of superficial love can bring, i'm sure that none of them will last, and they'll bring more suffering and hurt than happiness.

I've learnt something over the past few days. I've always thought myself to be disciplined with a high-level of self-control... but sometimes love just yanks at you and throws you wherever she wishes, and there's nothing you can do about it. I've learnt that you can choose not to love someone and yet still fall in love with her.. and you can choose not to hurt her, and love her.

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