Monday, November 20, 2006

As i expected..

There's so much that happened in the past few days, and i haven't had the time to blog about it all. As i expected, i'm starting to feet rather bored now that my exams are over and i get an urge (probably due to a slight sense of guilt) to study just a little bit to get ahead for next year. haha! I find that a lot of my life revolves around Soccer... have a read and you'll see..

I went for study group on Friday night and most of the dudes were setting up the hall for Kids Sunday. I moved some stuff and helped set up the curtains, but i was too tired to do anything else. So i slacked off in the classroom x.x" Then we played street soccer at Box Hill that night.. haha! My team scored a special goal that night; Jerusha, Shaun and i combined well with short and slick passes to craft out a special goal that totally ripped the opposition's defence apart.. and i almost ripped the net from 1 metre out. haha!

I played my first game of Dota in 3 months that night. I was feeling fatigued on Saturday, but my dad dragged me along for a soccer game at Grace church with some friends. Some dude brought 3 of his friends along, and they wanted to be in the same team.. so it was a teenage team vs the oldies.. obviously, the oldies were getting ripped apart due to superior pace and stamina from the youngsters. I don't know why they took the game so seriously.. why can't they just spare the uncles and have a more balanced game?

Anyway, my dad and i got put in the Oldies team to balance the game out.. but i felt absolutely redundant; i wasn't getting any good service.. However, Uncle Raymond, Uncle Clem, Josh, Sam and i managed to string some good passes together and we managed to score 2 goals in quick succession! booyah! 2-1 final scoreline..

Despite the heavy heat on Sunday, Jerusha and i decided to play soccer with the Fungus pple.. there weren't many pple, just Qynn, Nick, Jerusha, Wudok, Josh, John, Uncle Charles, Franny, Zimmer and Stan. It was pathetic really... we were playing a really stupid match before some Vietnamese dudes invited us to play with them. Yea, they looked like professionals, but our skills were almost evenly matched. Anyway, the game wasn't too good either largely because of the excessive heat of the sun relentlessly bearing down on our backs.

Well, things took a turn when a soccer club, who had just finished a league game next to us, challenged us to a game. So we formed a team with those Vietnamese dudes and we took them on. lol! We went into the match KNOWING well and truely that we were gonna get owned by these pple who train and play competitively every weekend. Anyway, they dominated much of the play, but we managed to score 3 sensational goals against them! Booyah! 3-1 was the final scoreline. Some of the Vietnamese dudes were really impressed with our performance, and they revealed to us that they were actually playing in a competitive Christian church league themselves! And they invited us to join their team. haha! i don't think Qynn and Wudok were interested though. Maybe Qynn was.. but i sure wasn't.. i couldn't even communicate with them on the pitch! loL! I was shouting "MAN ON!" in English, the Viets were going "SOJOADHOBNGORN! And the opposition (mostly Canto and Mando) were going "Hou Mian! Kan ni de pi gu!" haha! it felt as though i was the only one on the park that understood English -.-"

Anyway, as you can see.. everyday of my weekend had Soccer in it. haha! I think Jerusha and Charmaine are arranging a sleepover this Friday night... then there's a Soccer game on again on Sat afternoon... AND THEN! Fungus is entering a mini-tournament on Sunday against some really skillful players. haha! That's what i've been waiting for in ages.. a good challenge. But that means i'll have to miss the Cell Group Games Day.. Sigh... i wanna go for both =(

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