Sunday, December 03, 2006

Would You Like to Dance?

Many people go on about their fairy tale dreams and stories that never come true. But i had a time of my life last night at the Fungus Ball. I attended the one on Friday night, and i helped out with the cameras and the photo booth. It didn't enjoy myself that night, and i thought it would be the same last night... well, it turned out rather differently.

Isaac (Yip), Tim (Chung), Tim (Teow), Andrew, Jerusha, Charmaine, Venetia and Valerie had a light Christmas dinner at Uncle Francis' house before going to the Fungus Ball. The air was cool and fresh when we got there, a total constrast to the first night where the humid and warm air compelled most of the guys to take off their jackets. haha! Well, we took our seats and the show started.

The MC's (Chara and Adora) did a great job entertaining us with a mini-play, their eye-catching outfits, games and some other stuff. The night was just FANTASTIC... it was as though God was the Master of Ceremony behind it all. See, Dazza won the draw for the 8 Gig iPod Nano ON HIS BIRTHDAY! All of us sang him a birthday song while he was on stage. haha! Isn't that a dream-come-true?

Oh, there was a voting system for the King and Queen of the Ball. Three girls and three guys were chosen. I was lucky to get chosen. We were each put on the spot with an awkward question posed by one of the MC's. haha! It was hilarious! My question was: "What feature of a girl attracts you the most?" Everyone started laughing, and i said "Her hair and her eyes" without much thought... but the crowd went "Oooooo..." when Adora replied, "Oh! I thought you would say her personality." -.-"""

Anyway, Audrey was crowned the Queen of the Ball and Chris Tan was the King. I wasn't too disappointed really, but everyone started bagging me! lol! Chris used me as an example in his AWESOME "swan song" message to illustrate a point, saying that i would cry myself to sleep due to my disappointment at not winning. loL!

The night was great, but the next 10 minutes or so made it a night that i will never forget. At the final stages of the night, the King and Queen were called up and they had the task of starting the dances off. haha! They were sporting and daring enough to do so... then Chris and May-Yen joined the dance floor.. I've never asked a girl for a dance before, partially because i was afraid of asking, and mostly because i couldn't dance. haha! I knew i was going to get MASSIVELY bagged, but i got up and asked Charmaine to dance with me. haha! She shook her head a few times, but she eventually agreed. lol! It was rather funny cuz almost EVERYONE had their eyes fixed on us... (i don't think they believed that i would dare ask a girl for a dance.) Moreover, neither of us could dance! X.-"

Of course i won't list all the details, but i must say dancing is AWESOME! haha! It started rather oddly because charmaine put her hand around my waist, and i gently took her hand and placed it on my shoulder.. and everyone started sniggering -.-""" That really put her off and she said that she didn't know how to dance.. i said "It doesn't matter.." We danced for about 5 minutes until many others flocked onto the SMALL dance floor and we started knocking into pple. LOL! I think we knocked into Chris and May-Yen, Ruth, Audrey and some other pple. Sigh.. i regret not continuing that dance, but i wanted to get some photos shot before the night closed, so we stopped dancing. Well, thanks for only REJECTING me a few times, Charmaine! =P

Chris didn't want to disturb the neighbours with the music, so the music went off pretty quickly and we were soon told to leave. Sigh.. i didn't get to do all i wanted to. Ruth asked me to dance with her later on, and i promised her i would but i never got to. I told Steph that i wanted to take a photo with all the girls, but i never got to because of the long queue at the photo booth, the camera ran outta battery, and they ran out of photo paper! haha!

I was SOOO happy that night that the negatives didn't bother me... I had a good chat with lots of pple, got a photo taken with the dudes, stacked on Dazza!!!, got into the "O-leh" dance with the dudes and shouted "Liverpool" before that chucked me outta the circle and threatened to bash me, had a chance to see Valerie and Venetia (with her thick layer of foundation that comes off when you rub her forehead) in their beautiful dresses, OH! Pete and i bashed up the Shrek mascot (Wudok). haha! I got to bid a decent darewell to Alv, Aud and Sarah as i won't be seeing them for a rather long time. And, i got to dance my first dance with a girl whose beauty is in her heart of gold that loves that the Lord.

Tonight wasn't a fairy-tale.. but it sure was a night that i will always remember.

Thank you God for this slice of the great things that you have planned for me. Keep me in your path so that i might not go astray, and lead me in your way that shall never boast, but in the name of my Lord.

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