Monday, December 11, 2006

VCE Results..

I couldn't sleep last night, so i watched The Prestiege with my dad. It was a pretty good show with a lot of twists, but i kindda guessed the ending right... so i wrecked the ending for myself =( haha! I'm really happy because i've watched some rather intriguing movies.. I watched The Prestiege, The Guardian and Casino Royale in the past week or so, and all had really catchy, interesting ad twisty plots. I love these kindda movies! I've been craving for movies like these for ages!

Well, i couldn't sleep last night cuz someone reminded me that the VCE results are coming out this morning.. so i slept at 12.30am and i woke up at 3am to watch the Arsenal - Chelsea match, which turned out to be good too! haha! The TV's not boring to watch anymore! =) Booyah! Anyway, I went back to bed at 5.30am, and my dad woke me up at 8am to check my scores. haha! I was WAY too tired to get outta bed, so i gave him my details and i got him to check it for me.. well, the VCAA website was overloaded as every kid in the state was busy checking their scores too.. so i dozed off only for my dad to wake me up half an hour later to announce that..

Yea, i just wanna thank God for it all. I couldn't have done it without him.

50 for Business Management
31 raw for Chinese which scales up to be 42.

This reminded me of God's unfailing Love and Grace. I've been praying about my results for the past few nights, and as i was studying through the year.. and i asked him to give me the results that i required in order to serve him best.. and i would be happy no matter what they were. Another one of those feelings came over me as i composed a poem in thanksgiving to God.

A Gracious Pardon
Light shone through the curtains,
As i rose to sheer elation.
Tempted was my heart to boast,
To share my great jubilation.
But indeed to whom,
Does this joy belong?
I slagged and prayed,
And oft i felt forlorn.
But my heart and soul,
Will sing and praise God.
For surely it is He who,
Brings the happiness that men sought.
He pardoned my iniquity,
And showed mercy to my sin.
How great Thou art?
Who forgives what has been.
May this be of humble praise,
That all may see and know.
Tis not I who deserves this glory,
But thee; where Grace and Love unceasingly flow.
& isaac
* Thank you O Lord for helping me achieve such outstanding results. For forgiving my sins and showing mercy. For a God of Love who hears my cry.
Yea, i just changed the song. I got it off Dani's blog, and its dedicated to a special friend of mine who needed my shoulder once, but i wasn't around... i guess, i'm sorry, but it won't happen again =)
I'll Be - Edwin McCain
The strands in your eyes
That color them wonderful
Stop me and steal my breath
And emeralds from mountains
Thrust towards the sky
Never revealing their depth
And tell me that we belong together
Dress it up with the trappings of love
I'll be captivated;
I'll hang from your lipsInstead of the gallows of heartache
That hangs from above
I'll be your crying shoulder
I'll be love's suicide
I'll be better when I'm older
I'll be the greatest fan of your life
Rain falls angry on the tin roof
As we lie awake in my bedAnd you're my survival
You're my living proof
My love is alive and not dead
And tell me that we belong together
Dress it up with the trappings of love
I'll be captivated; I'll hang from your lips
Instead of the gallows of heartache
That hangs from above
And I've dropped out,
I've burned up
I fought my way back from the dead
Tuned in, turned on
Remembered the thing that you said

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