Saturday, December 09, 2006

Melbourne Vic - Sydney FC

The state library, grafitti and MC at night..

Jase, Phan, Jin, Banh, Jonno, Jamie, Gleeson, Harish, Stevie, Duc and i met up at Flinders yesterday before heading down to the Telstra Dome for the much awaited Melbourne Victory vs Sydney FC game, which turned out to be rather mediocre -.-" We rocked up half an hour before the match, but the good seats were already taken up by Melbourne's eager fans =( So we got pushed ALL THE WAY to the top of the Dome -.-""" We were sitting in the second last row! lol! FURTHEST from all the action. But it felt pretty good having no one sitting behind you.

The game was pathetic really, despite a few bursts of magic from the likes of Archie Thompson and Alessandro. Well, Jamie and Duc were giving me crap throughout the night for not paying an extra $10 for the $20 premium tickets -.-" The fans around us were hopeless.. The 11 of us tried our best to start up chants to support Melbourne, but most of them refused to join in -.-"" I thought Aussies were extroverted! Our chants went something like: "YOU ARE A WANKER!!!" whenever a Sdyney player received a yellow card or when the ref makes a stupid decision. And there was "*clap clap clap* MELBOURNE! *clap clap clap* Melbourne!!!" Yea well, there were a few pple who supported us. It was really funny cuz three young kids sitting near us started chanting relentlessly "Sydney are Wankers!" throughout the match, they didn't stop until the final whistle. lol! I don't think their parents were too pleased x.X"

Oh, at some point in the match, a Melbourne player got tackled and he was lying on the ground when a retard sitting behind us randomly shouted, "Bloody hell, you must be Italian! Stand up!" LOL! He was a bloody Sydney fan sitting in the midst of THOUSANDS of Melbourne fans. haha! Everyone stared at him, most of which, i have to presume, were Italians. He was fortunate to get away unscathed.

There were a record attendance last night of 50,333 people!! BOOYAH! And we were part of that! =) It took us 20 minutes or so to get out of the stadium because of the massive flood of people. We went for supper at A1 before heading home.. but the fun part was the walk to A1. haha! A group of Italian dudes were chanting along Southern Cross station and on Bourke Street:

"We're here to see!
To see the Victory!
Let's make some noise!
We're the Melbourne boys!


haha! No one joined in. Everyone stared at them.. and they were rather disappointed, but they kept it up for the sake of the Melbourne spirit! So we decided to join them. Booyah! We chanted that song all the way into A1! HAHA! Everyone along the streets were staring at both our groups.. The Italian group were on the opposite side of the road, and we took turns to sing the song. haha! Good times =)

Well, i got home way past 12am last night... i woke up this morning, and i thought about this gift that God had given me; of writing songs and poems. I started off writing a whole lot of poems, then i started composing songs.. and i stopped writing poems for a while... and i started writing them again once in a very long while.. And i wondered if i was putting this God-given gift to waste. I have been composing songs, hardly any poems. So i picked up a pen and got my writing book out.. i wondered if God had taken this gift away from me.. I tried to compose a song, but i couldn't! I almost gave up, when i thought about writing a poem... well, the words just came like an epiphany:

The Road

I've been walking this road

For a thousand miles.

Yet I know not where it leads,

Like a lost and lonely child.


Oft i stop to pray,

For my God to keep me safe.

Though I know not where i'm going,

I walk this road in Faith.


Many times in time's nostalgic past,

The road simply splits in two.

I stumble and fall

Not knowing what to do.


A humble prayer brings comfort,

As i look up to the sky.

I know my Dad loves me,

He watches from on high.


Should my choice be wrong,

If i slip and fall.

I will walk this road in faith,

In the Lover of my soul.

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