Thursday, December 14, 2006

Futsal Mania

I'm exhausted and fatigued now and my eye lids are heavily bearing down on me, but i don't wanna go to sleep so early. I've got my L's Driver's Test tomorrow, and i'm not too confident about it. Oh well, i'll just do a few more of those online practice tests in the morning, before i sit for my test.

The Fungus team took on Collin's team in Futsal at Box Hill yesterday, and i must say that we gave it to them. It was sorta like a grudge match due to various reasons only evident to those who went to the Fungus Ball. Anyway, Collin's a freestylist who has a whole lot of soccer tricks up his sleeves - juggling, close ball control and all that.. but he wasn't that good on the court. Well, his team were EXTREMELY unfit and were exhausted after the first game. Anyway, the Fungus team dominated through the entire two hours. Shaun scored 5, Gab scored 4, Pete scored 4, i scored 3.. but Nick and i were doing most of the support work - carving out 3 or 4 assists each? It was fun. Thanks for the game guys! =)

Well, i organised an semi-impromptu futsal tournament today consisting of two Melbourne High teams and the Fungus team.. with some new players, including some super league player who plays for South Melbourne FC. Anyway, Jin and Daz were bagging the Fungus team before and they claimed to be better than us. So we agreed that we'll keep score of the wins and loses. A win would account for two points, a win through a penalty accounts for one point, and zero points are allocated for a loss obviously! The day ended with Fungus on 10 points and Melbourne High on 7!! haha!!! You guys got OWNED!! =P

Oh yea, Dazza, Banh and i went to the gym this morn at 10am to work out. I didn't want to use artificial weights, so i did three sets of thirty sit-ups and 3 sets of 10 blurpies (HARD AS!). That's all i did really.. well, i haven't started packing for my Singapore trip -.-" But i'm expecting to feel the ache on Saturday. Sigh.. hope i don't suffer from severe muscle ache on the plane!

Oh yea, Danica came over to give us some presents.. had an interesting chat with her and Elysia. She's so cute! And he newly found lil sis, Adrienne, was thoughtful enough to give me a ring to wish me a happy holiday in Singapore! haha! Thanks sis! =)

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