Sunday, January 28, 2007

Welcome to the Jungle?

That's my cousin Janelle. Isn't she cute?

Some pictures of our tennis game. (last week?) lol! I'm forgetful! x.x"

Yep, that's my parking right there! PERFECT! haha!

I remember the day that i arrived in Australia. That long ride along the Hume highway from the airport to the city. Boy, it was a long time ago, but that memory remains vivid in the back of my mind; one of the vital bricks that makes me who i am.

It was first time driving at 100km/h on the highway early yesterday morning! haha! Anxiety combined with a precautious attitude masked all the excitement on my face, but i was thrilled to the bone. Honestly, i find driving amusing and surprisingly relaxing. haha! Oh yea, the purpose of my drive was to pick up Aunty Pauline, Sian and Becky from the airport! They've finally flown over (for good perhaps?) after all these years of planning. BTW, i made the trip to the airport in 50minutes! =))

We went for breakfast at a terrible restaurant known to many by it's "golden arches". I refuse to mention it's hidious name because of my hatred towards it's business ethics and operations. I only went there yesterday because it was "the only place open for breakfast this early in the morning" according to my mum.

Then we went down to Bob Stewart's to get Becky's Mac Rob school uniform, bought some groceries from Safeway and then headed home. I was so exhausted by all the driving that day that i knocked out for 3 hours the moment i got home! haha! Oh, Jerusha cooked her much-anticipated Shepherd's pie yesterday! It turned out scrumptuously delicious! She'll probably spend an entire post bragging about all the effort she put into it on her blog.. and i presume she'll have some pictures of her handiwork there too! So go check it out!

I've been spending the last few days at home trying to catch up on my already unsurmountable amount of homework. I was reading "Hard Times' by Charles Dickens, and i was astounded to find that i appreciate the English that he uses; and that i enjoy reading! lol! I know... to many of you, this will only serve as a confirmation that i'm a nerd! haha! But i'm not hiding it! I LOVE reading! =)) Oh, don't buy me books for presents though! I'm not half that nerdy. THANKS! lol!

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