Saturday, January 20, 2007

Liverpool - Chelsea

That's a picture of Charmaine's hair curling around the mp3 wire. haha!

That's a spider that i smacked soooo hard that 3 of it's legs fell apart. =) And that's my favourite street in the city!

Yep.. Liverpool vs Chelsea. I'm staying up for that match tonight. The clash of the titan and the ex-titan. I had a good chat with Tim along the 2-hour drive up to Sorrento today. We were talking about Tennis and barracking for sporting players. Well, we agreed that we all liked Federer mainly because he's humble and he KICKS ARSE! But i said that i'd still go for Roddick simply because he's the underdog, and there's always this potential surge of thrill waiting to shoot through my veins as i watch in hope. It wouldn't be fun to support someone who demolishes his opponents like a hammer to an ant.

The rain wrecked the trip to the beach for us. 5 families came along - Uncle.. Tony's, Joseph, Francis, James, Jerome and mine =) Yea.. i got to know Tim a lot more, but the girls were EXTREMELY anti-social -.-" We shopped for a bit while waiting for the rain to die down, then we went swimming - Tim, Andrew, Jeremy, Charmaine, Daniel, Valerie, Venetia, Jerusha, Wesley, Nick, Chris and i. Wow! There were 12 of us actually. haha!

There wasn't anything that interesting except that the water was VERY shallow even though Tim and i swam about 150 metres from shore. And the jellyfish that got washed up on the shore. We tried to pick them up, but our fingers would only sink into the flesh -.-""" Utterly disgusting. We headed back after that..

Oh yea, i drove back from Springvale market today! Boo yah! It's my first time driving with real traffic.. i was quite pressured by all the cars around me, but i reckon i did fine =) I just heard that Charmaine caught a cold. Well, sleep early.. and get well soon! =)

Yesterday was really exciting, worth blogging about. Tommy organised a Futsal session yesterday.. Jin, Phan, Jonno, Jimmy, Luke, Matt, Tommy, myself, Nick, Shaun, Gabriel, Daniel and Tom came along. We played 3 teams of 4, and it wasn't surprising that Fungus OWNED with a score of 12 wins and 5 losses =D I ran too much that day though, and i'm suffering from bruises and muscle aches now.. sigh.. i've got another soccer match tmr =..(

The futsal match finished at 4pm. Daz, Sarah, Sha and i headed to the city. Daz spent TWO WHOLE HOURS to find a shoe that he liked -.-""" He couldn't make up his mind!!! lol! He got the dude to get him more than 5 pairs of shoes with various sizes -.-""" After we got his shoe, we decided to have dinner. Before i go on, i must say that this trip is the most HECTIC trip i've EVER made to the city. Well, Jerusha and Sarah were craving the curry chicken on rice at Kum Den. So we walked into the restaurant, sat down, drank some tea and eat some crackers before we realised that they were serving the dinner course (which was EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE) and that the curry chicken was on the special lunch menu! But we couldn't leave because we had already drank some of their tea! haha! So we ordered a tiny plate of noodles that cost us $12.50!!! And we decided to bail after that for some other restaurant. Yea, we eventually left that place.. $12.50 for the TINY plate of noodles and BLOODY $6 FOR TEA!!!! LOL!

Then headed down to Addidas and to some other surf shops.. spent another 50mins or so shopping. Then we decided to get a guitar stand from Allens.. and we got on a FULLY-PACKED tram... missed our stop... walked 8 minutes only to find that Allens was already closed -.-"""" It was 8.10pm by then, and we were feeling hungry again.. so we went to A1 for Egg Chiffon on rice before heading home =) Oh, i drove home from Glennie train station that night =D Driving in the dark! Thrilling...

BTW, Liverpool WILL win tonight! =) I predict a 2-0 scoreline.

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