Saturday, January 13, 2007


I spent 4 hours or so doing up my room yesterday. I dug out all the junk that have been accumulating silently in my drawers yesterday. There were all sorts of stuff: pencils, magnets, pencil cases, LOTS of letters, books, etc. Yea, i read through most of the letters and filtered out the pretty ones. They brought back a whole lot of memories.

It's rather strange, but i seem to be able to get a better understanding of the situation than when i was reading the letters at that time. Hmm.. i found out that i was actually neglecting a few people unintentionally in my younger days. haha! Anyway..

Qynn, Nick, Gab, Sha and i went for the Melbourne Victory - Queensland Roar soccer match last night with corporate seats!! Booyah! The match started at 8pm. The seats were FANTASTIC (i say this EVERYTIME i get those corporate seatings) but the game was mediocre... a little below mediocre actually. No, i mean... the players were HOPELESS! The created so many chances in front of goal, but the finishing touch was no where to be found!!! Ahh!!! iT was so frustrating, esp. when Melbourne lost the match 2-1 due to a last minute goal against the run of play -.-""' Oh, but i must give credit to Archie, who scored a spectacular goal and mesmerised the crowd with his lightning-quick stepovers and fanciful lookaway shimmeys. Yeah..

The trip home was draining. Not only was the train FULLY-PACKED, it took an hour to arrive!! I don't even wanna talk about it.. We got home at 12.30am, i played Dota till 2.30am and i chatted with Joce till 3.30am. haha!

Jerusha, Isaac (YIP!), Charmaine, Daniel and i played basketball at some local school today. I wasn't too keen on going, and i thought it was rather random how Charmaine and Isaac wanted to play Basketball on a Saturday afternoon. I dunno why i went, but i was too tired to play much. Isaac's a REALLY good basketballer.. whoa! he's got really quick hands and a pin-point shot! Reminds me of the way i play Soccer... LOL! jkjkjking!

Yea, my dad just left for Singapore today. He'll be flying to Germany for two weeks on a business trip. Well, he left me with a task: to pick all the plums from the tree in our garden. Yea, i spent about an hour picking the plums =) It was very tiring, and PAINFUL too! I had to climb up on a ladder to reach the ones right on top of the tree, and the sharp branches would leave long scratches on my arms whenever i tucked at the plums -.-"" Anyway, i collected 3 baskets full!! Booyah! I don't really like them, but my dad's in love with them. Oh, i saw my neighbour over the fence while i was on the ladder and i had a short chat with him.. Brian.. everyone's got that name!

My mum's gonna take me for my FIRST driving lesson after i finish this post.. so i better end here... i've neglected the pple on msn for long enough x.x"


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