Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Just a swim..

I've been TRYING hard to get down to work, but i get distracted really easily whenever i sit down to do some Chemistry problems.. I've been sleeping after 2am and waking up at 11am, adding to my great fatigue. That's probably why i can't study. I'm sooo tired now, i'm determined to sleep before 10pm tonight =)

Let's see what i've missed.. I played soccer with the Fungus pple on Sunday. It was BOILING hot, but we had a great match which ended 2-1. Shaun grabbed both bites of the cake. Sonja looked really different, her eyes looked brighter, glistening in the sunlight, and she was much happier than before. Qynn showed much more energy in his play too! He passed so well, and was able to hold of other players (something that he hadn't been able to do very well). haha! That's the magic of an engagement... which will soon turn into a marriage!

Oh, Adrienne hopped into the car while i was practising how to park. Yea, it didn't turn out well. The car was jerky, and i got all the angles wrong! haha! I've been driving for about 20minutes every evening when mum comes home, and i must say that i've gained a whole lot more confidence since last Sunday. I'm able to drive down to Joyce's house, along Highbury road and back to my house. Hopefully i'll do better in my next parking session =)

Oh, Jerusha and i went down to Valentia's house today to watch some HORROR movies! haha! Head count: Tim, Andrew, Jeremy, Charmaine, Daniel, Valerie, Venetia, Wesley, Jerusha and i. Whoa! 10 of us! I didn't realise there were so many of us. Yea, we watched Scary Movie 4, which was more ridiculous and humourous than frightening, had lunch, went for a dip in the pool, watched the first part of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 and then switched to "She's the Man" (against my wishes). haha! It was a REALLY fun day! Especially the swimming. Tim and i tried breathing under some rocks, in a really confined space to deal with claustrophobia. Then we tried pushing each other into the pool, playing with the little pool-cleaning machine at the bottom of the pool..erm... did sommersaults in the water with Valerie... played Marco Polo.. and i TRIED to give Val and Char a piggyback ride. haha!

It was a pity Sha and Venetia couldn't join us because they were "sick"! =P I really enjoyed myself.. thanks people! =) Hmm.. Joyce came back from Japan last Thursday, so Jerusha and i decided to pay her a short visit. We walked over to her house for a rather long chat.. to catch up for lost time over the year. I actually miss her quite a bit.. she's a person that wouldn't mind listening to you ramble on.. and she's rather considerate. Well, i thank God for her. And thanks for the Japanese coaster/jig-saw puzzle! =)

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