Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Look in the Mirror..

I've been so confined with strict rules and commitments; standard sets of behaviour that have to be conformed to, any deviation from the standard would be deemed as improper and would be deservedly condemned. That's a very bad side of me, which i'm foolishly proud off.. ironically. What's wrong with me, i know what i SHOULD be doing, but another part of me says that it WOULD'NT be "isaac" if i behaved any other way. That's stupid! Maybe i'm going insane, doing something that i know is bad, but being proud of it..

Well, LOOK in the mirror, you dumbarse! I'm like an idiotic hunter chasing others off for killing animals. Sigh.. i'm so foolish.. violating my own principles and not even realising it! Boy, my stomache churns with rancid bullshit.. i feel like such a hypocrite.. if only someone could give me a punch to my guts hard enough to get all the bullshit outta me. Then maybe i could get back to being a real man. But right now, i'm disgraced at myself.. you foolish dumbarse.

btw, this new template was made by my dear friend James Banh. He's been such a good and faithful friend to me, and although we don't get along too well at times.. i thank God for you because i know you're a friend that's not easily lost. Cheers mate! =)

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