Monday, January 22, 2007

A lil too much..

My prediction was ACCURATE! haha! Liverpool DEMOLISHED Chelsea 2-0.. every minute of that match was pleasure to my eyes; totally worth staying up for! =) I woke up at 4.30am today to watch the last 20minutes of the Arsenal - Man Utd match, and i will NEVER regret doingt that. Man Utd were pretty much dominate for the first 70 minutes, but they seemed to be possessed the moment i turned my TV on... Van Persie scored this awesome goal from an acute angle, and Theirry Henry finished it off with a superb header from a pin-point cross from Eboue! 3rd beats 1st, and 4th beats 2nd.. that's the joy of supporting the underdogs! Well done lads! =) There are 14 matches more to go, and i'll be praying for Liverpool to snatch the title from Man Utd. haha!

Oh yea, thanks for reminding me Sarah. Another factor that made that outing in the city last friday "the most hectic" was the neoprints (dream photos) that we took -.-"" I didn't want to, but Sha and Sarah insisted. We were all ready for the first shot (the 3 second countdown by the machine was more like 15 secs), anyway, Sha saw a button which read "Wind", and she couldn't resist the URGE to push it -.-""" An EXTREMELY strong wind blew at us, pushing our hair back such that we looked bald. Yea.. the first shot was horrible, no one was looking at the camera. And the subsequent shots were worse -.-"" The quality of the prints were pathetic too, i'm never going back there again.

Uncle Ban introduced a song to the congregation during the church camp in Singapore, and the lyrics really touched me. The first verse read:
"I feel quite sure that if i did my best,
I could maybe impress you.
With tender words and a harmony,
A clever rhyme or two.
But if all I've ever done in the time we shared,
Is to turn your eyes on me,
Then i failed in what I've been called to do."

That really hit me hard on the head. I've been composing poems and songs, making rhymes and hormonies. But it serves as a warning that it should be for the intention of getting God's attention. The purpose should be to praise him, and to let others know how great God really is..

Think about it..

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