Wednesday, March 29, 2006



I guess i'm growing accustomed to being continuously loaded with heavy school work. I still get a little anxious and worried at times, but it doesn't bug me as much now. However, it's really robbing me of my time though.

It's making me treasure every moment i have with my friends, each moment i spend surfing the net and listening to music, every moment of recesss and lunch and every moment of sweet slumber.

That's good to a certain extent, and i just wanna thank God for giving me such great friends and a wonderful family that have been supporting me. Nick helped me organise the fortnightly soccer when i was caught up with work, my dad helps me out with maths tirelessly, and Serene and Ruth are so supportive of me joining the BeatBouncers. The list goes on... but i wanna thank God!

The Pitts Building was closed today, so we were forced to run the 5km X-Country track around the Botanical Gardens instead -.-" It was then that i realised how unfit i was! haha! I could run 4.8km pretty easily back in Singapore, but i couldn't even manage a constant speed for more than a kilometre today!!!! Ahh!!! This is what homework does to you... Seriously.. Shucks! I need to start running more!!!

Oh yea, Tommy, Harish and i had a race to put and end to Harish's claims that he's "so much faster" than i am. Tommy and i accelerated while Harish "slipped" at the start. loL! He sprinted for barely 4 seconds before giving up! haha! Later on, we were about 300m into the 4km track when Tommy and Harish decided they had enough and turned back -.-""" Duc, Leo, Victor, Jimmy, Jack, Phan and i finished the entire course though. It was an achievement! haha! Not really! 4km's nothing really.

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